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You are welcome to discover our domain and our wine: a flavour that carries the identity of our land founded on years of history. We can organise your visit or entertain groups.

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Quincy has a very long        
history.It is located        
in central France, east
of the Loire Valley         

In fact it is one of first wine                   
growing regions in France                     
to obtain its AOC (Appellation                     
Origine Contrôlée) status.                     
In Middle Age the Benedictines                     
monks from the abbey of Beauvoir                      
discovered the fondness of this soil                      
its which offered them the possibility                     
of a great quality wine.                     

Quincy wine will please many kings                       
of France; this earned Quincy                       
the title of VIN NOBLE


Quincy wine is
very elegant and refined,
It is characterized by very fine flavours, dominated by floral notes: white flowers,
blackcurrant and the typical mentholated and mineral notes of our soil.

You can perceive a slightly acid
taste to start with and then
be surprised by its
roundness and the power of its aromatic length.

All these different sensations make of Quincy a very well-balanced wine

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