The Domain


My domaine is a family exploitation that has carried its appellation for several generations.
My vines cover today a surface of 18 hectares. They are established on parcels of sand intermingled with gravel. Their orientation makes it possible to benefit from ideal sunlight. The combination of these natural elements provides an excellent maturation of the grape.

To grow my vines and produce my wine I have chosen to combine Tradition and Technology. "At any time in history, each generation has to grant its contribution to the know-how of the profession"

This is one of the reasons why I established myself in an old and entirely restored Berrichonne farm.

It is here, in these grounds full of history, where my most important concern is to produce a great quality wine that will best reveal the nature of my domain. To achieve this distinction, our cellar employs highly qualified equipment such as: pneumatic pressing, thermo regulated stainless steel vessels and air-conditioned storage.


E.A.R.L. Philippe Portier

18120 BRINAY
Tél. 02 48 51 04 47
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